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  • 1. Standards which were purchased after 30-Jan-2018 can be opened directly by clicking on the standards and entering password.
  • 2. Plug-in needs to be downloaded once to view the standards which purchased on or before 29-Jan-2018.
  • 3. Prices of the standards have been revised with effect from 07-June-2012.
  • 4. Please register and login to purchase standards.
  • 5. Debit / International Credit Cards are allowed for making payments.
  • 6. Net Banking with Syndicate Bank is available.
  • 7. Indian Standards are now available to customers for lease on DVDs.
  • 8. Please click Lease IS on DVD link below for more information.
  • 9. Reach us on the following number for support 91-44- 67404041.