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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is BIS?
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards body of India, functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Government of India. BIS has published more than 19000 Indian Standards (IS) and Priced Publications (PP) which are presently available for sale. Every year, more than 400 new standards and 400 amendments are published.
2. How do I purchase a Standard in the BIS e-sale portal?
Please register/login to purchase a standard. Presently, credit cards are allowed for making payment. Free amendments can be downloaded without logging in / creating an account.
3. What are all the search options available?
There are 2 types of search option available. Basic search and advanced search. Basic - is available on the home page and in Search/Browse documents page. An advanced search can be reached by clicking the advanced search link shown in the search area.
4. How do I search for a standard in the portal?
In basic enter the IS number or title of the standard you are looking for. In case you do not remember the complete title, enter the keywords of the title. The search will be done and results matching the words entered will be displayed. For example: Considering the following illustration of searching for a particular standard tile pattern through the search box on the home Page. Type the letter gold in the search field and click search, all standards having the word GOLD will be displayed in the results.

5. How do I perform advanced search?
Advanced search option is available to search a standard based on Title, Is number, Division/subdivision, Year of Is, Price group, reaffirmed in, number of amendments and whether the standard have an equivalent standard Yes/No. This search is meant for advanced users having more information about the standard they are searching for.
6. How do I sort the items in the search results page?
Click on the title of the column sorts the results based on the selected column. E.g. click on the Standard no column to sort the standards based on Standard no. The green arrow upward/downward symbolizes the order of sorting in ascending and descending respectively.
7. Do I really need to register in the portal?
Yes. If you have intended to purchase standards from the portal then registration is a must. If you have intended not to make any purchases, but to search for standards, download free amendments then you are free to do so without registration.
8. How do I download free standards or Amendments?
Amendments or Featured Free Downloads is available at the bottom right hand corner section named Free Amendments. Click on the download button in the actions column to start the download.
9. How do I retrieve the lost password?
Click on login and choose forgot password, provide the username and Date of birth details and submit. The secret question and secret answer column appear. Provide the secret answer and the email will be sent to your registered account with the password information. If you lost your secret answer, please contact BIS support team.
10. How do I activate an account?
As soon as registration of account is done, an email is sent to your email account. Please refer the email and click on the activate link on your email. Thank you, your account is activated message appears on the BIS e-sale portal upon successful activation of your account.
11. Do I really need to activate my account?
Yes. If you intended to use the account created/registered for purchasing standards in the portal, account created/registered by you need to be activated before the same can be used.
12. How do I change password?
Click on Change password in My Area and provide the Password in the new password area. You need to know the old Password to change the existing password.
13. How do I add standards to the shopping cart?
Once you have finalized the standard to be purchased, you can click on the shopping cart icon against the standard. Alternatively select all the standards you wish to purchase by clicking on the checkbox against each of these standards. Click on Add to Shopping cart button, this will add all the items selected to the cart.
14. How do I Save shopping carts for future purchase?
Add items to Shopping cart. Click either on Go to Payment button or on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the portal. Click Save Shopping Cart button; provide a name for the shopping cart and description to save the shopping cart. Please note that the saved shopping carts are available only for 7 days, if they are not used within 7 days they will be deleted from the system automatically.
15. How do I purchase a standard in the e-sale portal?
Add items to the Shopping cart and click on Go to Payment button or on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the portal. The list of steps to purchase a standard will be shown graphically, the list of steps includes reviewing the items in the cart, Review the order with the prices for each item added, Payment gateway with the list of payment options like credit card to make payment and final confirmation of the payment done.
16. Why are standards shown in red in search results?
All the inactive standards are shown in red and cannot be purchased.
17. Can I remove the items added to cart after getting in to payment?
Yes, Items can be removed from the list during the review of a cart or review in order.
18. How do I review the shopping cart in the e-sale portal?
The first step in purchasing a standard is a review of the card details, verify the list of items in the cart. You can remove/delete an item from the list using the delete icon against each of the items being purchased.
19. How do I review an order in the e-sale portal?
The second step in purchasing a standard is to review the order displaying the list of items with the cost. While reviewing an order you can choose to remove an item from the order using the delete icon against each of the items being purchased.
20. What are the Payment Options available in the Payment Gateway?
Payment Gateway of the portal provides two options credit cards supporting Visa and Master card.
21. What happens if I cancel my transaction while providing the credit card information?
You will not be deducted any money if you have not already provided your card and other related information. You will be redirected back to the portal and failure information will be displayed.
22. What are the options available in My Area/Dashboard?
My Area/Dashboard provides Options to view Purchasing history, Failed transactions, View/Edit Profile information, change password, Preferences, View Saved Shopping cart, My downloads and a list of reports.
23. What is a failed transaction?
Financial transaction that failed due to some reasons such as you have cancelled the payment, payment was not authorized by your bank, internet connection failed at your side etc.
24. How do I view the failed transactions?
After successful login, click on My Area section to view the list of options, click on Failed transactions to view the list the failed/pending transactions.
25. What is the use of plug-in?
Plug-in software is a desktop application, which helps you by listing all the standards you have purchased. This also helps you to open and view the standard in the Acrobat reader. Please note that acrobat reader needs to be installed in the machine to open and view the standard.
26. Can I open the standards purchased without the plug-in?
No. You cannot open the standards without the plug-in software.
27. Do I need plug-in software for viewing free amendments?
No. If you have downloaded free amendments, then they can be opened with Acrobat reader.
28. Why free amendments downloaded and placed along with standards are not listed in the plug-in software?
Plug-in software will list only the standards you have purchased. Since free amendments are not purchased they are not listed.
29. Why do not I see the standard purchased under My Downloads area after 5 days?
Standards purchased are available for download only for 5 days from the date of purchase. It is likely that the standard you have purchased is more than 5 days old, so they are not listed in the My Downloads area.
30. Why I need to buy the priced Amendment?
Amendments are the minor/major changes made to the standards. You need to purchase the priced amendment to complete your purchase of standards.
31. Why Reaffirmed year printed in standard is different in portal?
The reaffirmed year printed in the standard and the portal any time may differ. This is could be because the standard has been reviewed by the BIS and affirmed to be continued as it for the specified number of years. The reaffirmed year stamping may not be available / printed on the standards. If there is any such difference you notice in the standard you have purchased, get this clarified with our support team.
32. Why information bar or popups appears while downloading on the browser?
To avoid the accidental download of any malicious items, most of the browsers seek your approval before the file/item can be downloaded. For the download the file, right click on the information bar and select allow download option. Click on the download again, now you will be able to download the standard without any issues.
33. Why my browser is not properly rendering the site?
Your browser is not compatible. Please, update your browser to latest version and check whether you enable the JavaScript in your browser by clicking here.